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International call for the liberation of Bernard Rappaz, Marc Emery and all prisonners of the war on drugs

International Call for the Liberation of Bernard Rappaz, Marc Emery and all prisonners of the war on drugs.

After 14 days of medical released, the hemp farmer Bernard Rappaz has been incarcerated once more.

Rappaz obtained this brief freedom only after a 50-day hunger strike.

Bernard Rappaz is in danger.

He is the victim of ongoing fluctuations in Swiss narcotics policies. Switzerland, after having adopted more liberal hemp policies for a few years, had a sharp turnaround and has begun to crack down on farmers. A strong voice in the struggle for a better understanding of hemp in Swiss society, today Bernard Rappaz has become a scape goat as his county returns to a full-fledged war on drugs.

It is unacceptable for more to fall prey to Switzerland’s vague policies. We demand the immediate release of Bernard Rappaz.

Equally urgent, Canadian hemp activist Marc Emery has been extradited to the United States, where he risks a sentence of 5 years in prison.

We also demand the liberation of Marc Emery who, like Bernard Rappaz, is the scapegoat and unfair target of the law in the struggle for cannabis legalization, of which he is an ardent promoter.

We recall incarcerations of Chakib El Khayari, in Morocco, Maksim Popov, in Uzbekistan, for their activism and political engagement.

It is indecent that these governments stoop so low as to seek vengeance on their political adversaries. It is urgent that these policies be revisited, whether the states like it or not.

Free Rappaz and Emery !

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