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Deep-rooted Herer Hemp Inc. sees a wide, challenging horizon

Hemp entrepreneur Dan Herer and an executive group have established Herer Hemp Inc., a new entity that has positioned itself to develop products across all major industrial hemp sectors in the USA.

“We just took hemp off Schedule 1,” Herer said of recent changes at the federal level in the USA that saw hemp reclassified as a common agricultural crop. “We’re now gonna be able to get crop insurance, have bank accounts — and grow tens of thousands of acres of crops without the restrictive framework of being a schedule 1 Drug,” Herer said.

Strong roots
Herer, son of the late, legendary hemp visionary and rabble-rousing advocate Jack Herer, is also Director of the California-based Jack Herer Foundation, which works to advance the industry by emphasizing how industrial hemp can impact lives through education, community and farming.

Herer spent several years carefully developing high-quality products with a team of scientists, studying hemp and biomass for a wide, wide array of applications. It’s that work that serves as the basis for a “well rounded, diverse hemp company” going forward in the new era, Herer said.

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