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Why are so many countries now saying cannabis is OK ?

Under President Barack Obama, a critic of the US-led war on drugs, the US government stepped back from enforcing federal laws and effectively gave states a green light to explore alternatives.

Eight more states and Washington DC have since supported the legalisation of recreational cannabis and penalties are softening elsewhere. The use of the drug for medical reasons is allowed in 33 of the 50 states.

In many ways the jury is still out on the effects of legalisation on society and individuals’ health, but there is no question that public opinion and government policy has softened.

Does UK export the most legal cannabis ?

The tide has crept across the Americas, with Canada legalising the sale, possession and recreational use of cannabis nationwide in October.

That Mexico will legalise marijuana seems a virtual certainty. The new government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has introduced a bill that would legalise its medical and recreational use, while the country’s supreme court recently ruled an absolute ban on recreational use unconstitutional.

Other countries are pushing ahead. Although the sale of cannabis remains illegal, possession of small amounts is no longer a crime in countries including Brazil, Jamaica and Portugal. In Spain it is legal to use cannabis in private, while the drug is sold openly in coffee shops in the Netherlands. Still more countries allow the use of medicinal cannabis.

Around the world, there are many more countries where change is under way :

- In the UK, doctors have been allowed to prescribe cannabis products since November

- South Korea has legalised strictly-controlled medical use, despite prosecuting residents for recreational use overseas

- A death sentence given to a young man selling cannabis oil has stirred debate about legalisation in Malaysia

- South Africa’s highest court legalised the use of cannabis by adults in private places

- Lesotho became the first African country to legalise the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes

- Lebanon is considering the legalisation of cannabis production for medical purposes, to help its economy

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