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India — Great Legalisation Movement

There is a lot of corruption, mis-information and manipulation involved in the prohibition of this greatest plant, which our own vedas had identified it as the most sacred plant to have existed on this Indian sub-continent.

But, due to the external pressure of the western organisations and corporations, the Indian government of 1985, gave in and sacrificed their religious, medicinal and indigenous ’Ganjic’ culture by enacting a corrupted law into our lives. 

Its time we inform our leaders and our people about the real history of the plant and also its amazing benefits.

Only then can it be possible to bring cannabis back into our society ; for the most needed medicine and also to re-create thousands of industrial applications which will be clean to produce, safe to use and dispose.

The Great Legalisation Movement, India is striving to make this world a better place by educating our People, Government, Doctors, Industries and Entrepreneurs about the benefits of the greatest plant on earth..."CANNABIS".

Our GOAL is to also help setup a well designed, sustainable model of legalisation for an organised transformation into a world of Cannabis ! 

Voir en ligne : Great Legalisation Movement

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